The main function of the Engineering Group is Detailed Engineering.

A wide spectrum of engineering disciplines figures in Detailed Engineering, each with a well-defined functional role.

  • Piping
  • Architectural, Civil and Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation

Architectural, Civil and Structural

  • Drawings for landscaping and establishing formation levels.
  • Detailed designs for civil and structural works
  • Architectural plans for building and composite projects.
  • Infrastructural development works.
  • Valuation of assets, arranging soil investigations and contour survey.

(Piping, Process & Combustion Equipment and Machinery & Material handling)

  • Layouts of plants
  • Planning drawings
  • Detailed specifications and drawings of plant systems and equipment for procurement.
  • Checking of vendor/data for technical suitability.
  • Preparation of piping production drawings, material control, stress and flexibility analysis, layout diagrams, isometrics etc.
  • Preparation of installation specifications and schedules of work.


  • Design and Engineering of power systems, fire alarm systems, power factor improvement systems, cathodic protection systems, lighting protection systems, communication systems etc.
  • Detailed specifications for procurement.
  • Sub-station layouts, cabling, earthing and lighting protection drawings.
  • Single line diagrams, schematic diagrams etc.
  • Vendor data review
  • Installation specifications and schedules of work.


  • Plans for instrumentation, automatic control, communication and shut-down of plants and systems.
  • Specifications for instruments. Hook-up drawings, control panel drawings, routing drawings etc.
  • Consultancy for updating of conventional instrumentation to distributed control system.
  • Vendor data review.
  • Installation specifications and schedules of work.