FEDO has been executing multi-disciplinary portfolio jobs as PMC as also EPC in India and abroad right from 1965 for the past five decades. Now FEDO is executing the prestigious PMC services:

  • for the NIT Campus development at Dimapur, Nagaland with a project cost of Rs.236 Crores
  • for the BPCL-KR residential township and multi-storey building project at a project cost of Rs.76.5 Crores within the heart of Kochi’s urban space
  • for the additional crude tanks and shore tank farm project of BPCL-KR at their STF facility in Puthuvypin, Kochi with a project cost of Rs.100 Crores
  • for the TAS /CCTV for all the automation of Oil terminals of IOCL –TNSO in Tamil Nadu at nine locations for an automation project worth Rs.140 Crores.
  • FEDO is now all set to commence the work on the PMC services for setting up of the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sansthan campus at three different locations chequered across the geographic habitats of India on the Infrastructure front.

For the FY 2015-16, FEDO posted a project turnover of Rs.59.87 Crores on a positive note with profit of Rs.3.41 Crores, and all set to double its turnover in FY 2016-17 by leapfrogging into infrastructure sector in a big way by the vibrant leadership and visionary approach of Mr. A. B. Khare, CMD - FACT Ltd and the rich expertise and leadership of the Chief Operating Officer(COO )Mr.I.S.Sidhu, in leveraging the core competence of FEDO towards meeting specifically the infrastructure development needs & initiatives set forth by the GOI, as a mission for India Inc spearheading overall nation building.

FEDO has of late diversified into undertaking PMC services and depositary jobs in a vide scale in the development of infrastructure and related facilities like building of townships/parks/campus and high rise academic/commercial/residential buildings for its elite Clientele across the Indian landscape cutting across the industry and the academic institutions in India.