About Us

FACT Engineering Works (FEW), an Indian Company, which has been providing reliable engineering and fabrication services for over three decades to fertiliser, chemical and petrochemical and engineering firms. FEW is the engineering and fabrication division of The Fertilisers And Chemicals Travancore Ltd. (FACT), a leading Public Sector giant with interests in fertilisers, petrochemicals, engineering design, consultancy and fabrication.

For its entire range of services, be it design and fabrication of pressure vessels, heat exchangers and storage tanks or large projects like fabrication and erection of plant and equipment or cross country pipelines, FEW has installed quality system conforming to ISO 9001.

FEW being a division of a chemical conglomerate operating fertiliser and petrochemical plants has deep roots in the process industry. FEW also has the experience as well as the capability to provide adequate resources to help tackle challenging fabrication problems.

FEW's Design, Fabrication and Quality Assurance Department are manned by a group of engineers and technicians with hands-on experience in the fields of fertilisers and petrochemicals.

All this means that when you need to replace an equipment in a fertiliser or chemical plant or need a new one, you can rely on FEW for reliable, secure and efficient fabrication solutions.