Marketing Division

In the particular socio-economic context in which FACT became the first large scale producer of chemical fertilisers in India, the full responsibility for selling the fertiliser concept top the tradition bound farmers also rested on the Company. The farmers, by and large, were reluctant to try out such a new product totally unfamiliar to them. It became clear to FACT that their role did not end with producing and selling fertilisers, the farmers had to be not only persuaded to accept fertilisers as a necessary input for better production, but also to be instructed on the correct method of applying fertilisers, at the right time and in the right measure. This involved an elaborate and well planned fertiliser promotion programme and a well tutored dealer net work. FACT under-took these responsibilities with a missionary zeal and enlarged its promotional objective from marking of fertilises to scientific farming.

This also called for multi-media publicity campaign. While making full use of media like the press, cinema, the outdoor and other forms of printed word, FACT laid great stress on undertaking demonstration, farming on the farmer's own plots, where the farmers in the neighbourhood could come and watch for them-selves the activities and the transformation taking place right before their eyes. FACT field staff also took such opportunities to meet as many farmers as possible and have discussions with them, when their doubts were cleared and their confidence gained. Such group discussions soon developed into regular study class. The study classes became more or less a regular feature and agricultural extension officers and other experts on farming were associated with these programmes and their help and advice gave the farmers greater confidence to use chemical fertiliser for boosting up their agricultural production.