THE FERTILISER FESTIVAL was a novel idea introduced by FACT in fertiliser promotion. This was a real 'media' in which there were opportunities for farmer education programmes, entertainments, recreation and exchange of ideas. Knowledge and experience were all interwoven to make it an interesting, informative and effective programme.

THE VILLAGE ADOPTION SCHEME was another new concept developed by FACT for the first time in the country. A whole village was adopted and a scheme to improve agricultural productivity and the overall socio-economic status of the village was launched. The results have been spectacular. FACT has so far adopted more than 100 villages in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. FACT was also actively associated with the Government's intensive District Development Programmes for nurturing and promoting scientific agriculture.

FACT AGRICULTURAL STUDY CENTRE (FACT Krishi Vigyan Kendra) was a new experiment in agricultural extension work. These Kendras operated in villages on a rotating basis and trained farmers in modern and scientific methods of cultivation. Regular fortnightly classes were arranged by experts in the concerned fields for a period of six months. Reading materials and other facilities to learn were also provided in each centre.  The Kendras all over south India had been very well accepted by the farmers at large.

FACT AGRO SERVICE CENTRE - Realising the importance of bring the essential agricultural inputs and facilities for advisory service under a single roof, FACT has converted major selling points into Agro Service Centres. FACT agro Service Centres not only supply the essential agricultural inputs, but also advise the farmers on modern farm management techniques, credit availability, marketing prospects etc. These service centres prepare detailed farm plans for each farmer.

FACT MARKETING NETWORK is spread over the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and has around 100 field storage points and 7000 retail points in these states. FACT fertilisers are also available through the retail network of the Co-operative Marketing Federation and the Agro Industries Corporation of the southern states.

FACT MIXING CENTRES - FACT also operates 6 NPK mixture production centre in Kerla for the supply of tailor made NPK combinations to suit particular soil crop needs apart from its otherwise wide range of production line.


Government of India constituted a task force on direct transfer of subsidy of fertilisers. National Informatics Centre (NIC), Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Government of India is supporting Department of Fertilisers, Government of India in the implementation of this project. An Application called 'mFMS' will be developed using mobile phones to enable the transition and meet the overall objective to initiative. This is a development over the existing Fertiliser Monitoring System (FMS), which is a computer based system.

The objective of the mFMS is to monitor the movement of the fertiliser from the company to warehouse, wholesalers and from wholesalers to retailers. The proposed system will help in monitoring the movement of fertiliser consignments and its stock position at various warehouses, wholesalers and retailers. The system will also act as a tool for Government Bodies to track and ensure to timely distribution of fertilisers to the farmers. Initially, it is envisaged that up-to-date information will be available, in the public domain about the availability of fertilisers at the retailer level.