AMMONIUM SULPHATE: Ammonium Sulphate is a nitrogenous fertiliser containing 20.6% nitrogen, entirely in ammonical form. It has excellent physical properties; non-hygroscopic, crystalline and free flowing. It is ideal as a straight nitrogenous fetiliser and also as an ingredient in fertiliser mixtures. It is the most widely preferred nitrogenous fertiliser for top dressing on all crops. Another unique advantage is that it contains 24% sulphur, an important secondary nutrient.


FACTAMFOS (AMMONIUM PHOSPHATE SULPHATE): FACTAMFOS 20:20:0:13 is a chemical blend of 40 parts of ammonium phosphate and 60 parts of ammonium sulphate. It contains 20% N and 20% P2O5. The entire N is in ammonical form and P is completely water soluble. In addition, FACTAMFOS contains 13% sulphur, a secondary plant nutrient which is now attaining great importance in the agricultural scene. FACTAMFOS 20:20:0:13, with the granular form and non-hydroscopic and free flowing nature, have excellent physical properties. It is ideal for application on all soils and all crops. FACTAMFOS 20:20:0:13 can also be used for foliar application


FACT prepares on a very large scale all the standard NPK mixtures under the brand name 'FACTMIX' for different crops for Kerala as stipulated by the Department of Agriculture. In addition, FACT prepares special tailor made fertiliser mixtures of any required grade for plantation crops like coffee, tea, rubber, etc. FACT mixtures are superior in quality with the presence of ammoniacal nitrogen, water soluble phosphorus, and other major nutrients like sulphur, calcium, etc.


A by product of phosphoric acid, is a rich and cost effective source of 16% sulphur and 22% calcium. FACT is marketing bagged gypsum in brand name FACT Gypsum all 4 southern states as a soil conditioner with fertilising properties.


FACT markets imported Urea and Potash from Gulf Countries and Russia for consumption in all 4 southern states as per requirement. Urea with 46% Nitrogen in the granular/prilled form and Potash with 60% K20 serves the nutritional requirement in the 4 southern states.


This special product containing 0.3% Zinc in FACTAMFOS has been launched to address the widespread deficiency of Zinc in most soils of South India.


This soil amendment and ameliorant contains 2% Zinc in addition to 16% Sulphur and 22% Calcium for rectifying alkaline soils and improving soil fertility and physical properties.


FACT is also marketing organic manure produced from city compost, in brand name FACT ORGANIC.